Digitot 606

Digitot 606

Electronic bulk liquor dispensing management system and exciting advertising platform that eliminates human error, controls your profits and engages your customers.


  • The DigiTot 606 has 6 spirit dispensers with a storage capacity of 4.5 litres per dispenser, and a total of 27 Litres when full. Mounted on the front is a Full HD 23-inch screen, used for advertising in-store. Configuration and reporting is driven from an Android tablet, connected to our DigiMaster cloud based solution.
  • Accurate – dispenses accurate shots consistently (SABS & NWHL Approved)
  • Secure – provides online reporting on what was dispensed, by whom and at what time.
  • Reduces Shrinkage – Eradicates spillage and theft
  • Fast – Increases speed of service (Total Dispenser time is approx. 3 sec)
  • Control – Monitor and control multiple dispensers in different locations or businesses from a single, convenient Android Tablet

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