Critical Links C3

To deliver the learning experience required in today’s world, e-learning tools and instant access to digital content are key. The Critical Links C3™ (Classroom Content Cloud) is the leading solution to dramatically simplify and manage the delivery of digital content and e-learning capabilities to schools, regardless of infrastructure challenges or internet connectivity limitations.

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The C3™ solution offers a range of powerful capabilities making it easy for students, teachers, and administrators to curate, publish, manage, and consume content. All delivered in a framework that is both powerful, flexible, and customizable.

Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative e-Learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments.  Nowhere is the ‘digital divide’ more evident than in education, particularly in emerging countries where infrastructure and connectivity are still precious resources.  In these regions, even if students have access to PCs and tablets, they are too often cut off from the internet and cloud-based learning resources enjoyed by the more developed world due to lack of regular or robust connectivity, or other infrastructure limitations such as power outages and fluctuations. To address this, Critical Links has joined industry leaders like Intel, Microsoft and others, in creating an e-Learning architecture to drive global learning on a local scale, even in low-connectivity environments.


The C3 solution is a complete, end-to-end software solution spanning the local micro-cloud (for classroom and school functions) to the central Cloud Control (for content curation, distribution, and management). It creates a safe network environment with a local content repository and e-learning tools. When Internet is available, the C3 manages, filters and optimizes connectivity.


Centralized cloud service that allows remote administration and curation of C3 devices deployed at schools. The C3 Cloud Control enables e-Learning worldwide, with a centralized point for content and policy management. An authorized C3 Cloud Control instance can be resident either in a private (datacentre) or public cloud environment.


The C3 comes with Foundation LMS, a basic learning management system which provides student and teacher resources to enable the e-Learning experience. For more advanced requirements, the C3 ships with Moodle – a leading LMS – to allow more advanced implementations of the e-Learning experience.




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