A SmartPen that never forgets!

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  • A SmartPen that never forgets!
  • Write notes on the go and transfer them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you’re ready.
  • The pen and receiver have built-in memory to store notes when not connected to a device, so you never lose important data.
  • They’re also rechargeable so you can write continuously for up to eight hours between charges.
  • Convert your handwriting to text you can edit
  • Stop spending time typing up your handwritten notes! With Equil Note’s handwriting recognition feature, transform your notes into editable text to email your team, or convert selected content to enhance readability.
  • Works on any white-boarding surface and uses standard dry erase markers.
  • More than 5m (16″) of active capture area.
  • Save thousands of whiteboards to memory and import later.
  • Stream whiteboard notes in real time to computers and mobile devices.
  • Facilitate, brainstorming sessions and collaborate with remote participants.
  • Integrated with DropBox, Evernote and iCloud.


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