Mecer SNMP Network Card

SNMP Network Card for Mecer WTU / GTU / GRU ON-LINE UPS

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SNMP – SNMPv1 protocol support; accepts NMS monitoring as well as actively sends Trap packets to target hosts.

HTTP – Monitor and set up through network browser with built in web server.

Others – Telnet, TFTP, FTP, BOOTP, SMTP, SNTP and WOL.

MIB – Supports RFC1628 and custom defined UPSv4 MIB.


Regular power on and off – Can set up UPS power on and off time.

Regular testing – Battery discharge test to ensure the battery is in good condition.

Smart power off – Can send power off signal to connected host actively if the host computer has the InsightPower Client or SNMP power off proxy installed.

Sensor – Optional environment sensor can integrate ambient temperature and humidity for total cabinet monitoring.


Event log – Keep date, time, and event sequence in event log file.

History records – Keep date, time, and UPS parameter data. Can be exported into XLS file for further processing.

Reaction to events

UPS shutdown – Define delay time for UPS power off to avoid deep discharge.

Email – Send email notification to predefined recipients in case of power event.


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