Posiflex Mini Fan-free POS Terminals

Posiflex Mini Fanfree Based POS Systems. Fan-free POS Terminals that run cool even with high quality 8″ TFT LCD panel

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The Posiflex DT-208 series are mini sized, fully functional, quiet FanFree POS systems, suitable for all types of applications including retail and hospitality. Although small the DT series are perfectly formed, with the efficiency of a much larger system and the DT series boasts 4 serial ports, 4 USB, 1 LAN, 1 cash drawer port and PS/2 ports for external keyboard and mouse. With the built-in programmable keyboard and touch or non-touch screen the DT series saves even more space. Built with the metal + plastic housing heat is evenly dissipated to allow the DT series to be utilized in everyday and harsher environments and the built-in UPS functionality ensures your system keeps running when others fail.The DT series offers all these features at an affordable price, with a choice of Windows or DOS support, to make your life easier with a Posiflex system.



Mini 8″ Fanfree non touch terminal (800*600 Resolution), AMD LX700 – 433FSB, 512MB memory. 40GB IDE HDD. 40keys LINCE, WEPO. WEPOS POS Ready. Linux programmable keyboard.



Mini 8″ Fanfree touch terminal Resolution (800*600) AMD LX700 – 433FSB. 512MB memory. 40GB IDE HDD. 40keys LINCE. WEPOS/ POS Ready Linux programmable keyboard.


All-in-One Fan-Free ECR Replaced POS Terminal

Posiflex presents the all-in-one fan-free EP-2000 series as an ECR replaced POS terminal. The EP-2000 series combines touch screen, thermal printer, rear mounted customer display (Optional), and MSR (Optional) in a fan-free system. Compared to traditional standalone ECR (Electronic Cash Register), the EP-2000 series has higher capability such as CPU, memory, display that can help retailers run software applications and have an overview of operation including supply management, inventory management, sell management, etc. Furthermore, its well-executed design can enhance the atmosphere of on-site environment.


  • Higher capability than traditional ECR in operating management 
  • Resistive touch screen: 12” LCD 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Equipped with ARM11 CPU
  • Integrated with touch screen, thermal printer, rear mounted customer for space saving display (Optional), and MSR (Optional) Fan-free design for harsh and quiet environments
  • 2” thermal printer
  • Thermal printer with “one-button cutter blade retract” design to clear paper jam easily. Special “drop-load” design for easy printer paper roll loading
  • Gear button to adjust LCD tilt angle from 14° to 55°
  • User-friendly mechanism for system upgrade and easy maintenance
  • High quality, rock solid design with easy maintenance in mind


The Most Secure, Stylish and Spacing-Saving Embedded Point-of-Sale System

PICO-POS is a compact, flexible and very affordable Point-of-Sale system for retail, grocery and hospitality needs. As a very secure and stable flash-ROM system, retailers never need to worry about their POS systems being abused or compromised.

Only PICO-POS combines both programmable keypad and a SVGA color LCD Touch Screen, providing an easy Electronic Cash Register upgrade path andthe best operating experience for retailers.


  • SVGA Color Touch LCD Screen
  • True Native Embedded Software
  • Integrated MSR and Programmable Keypad
  • PICO-Cloud Data Backup and Reporting Services
  • WaveSoft Mobile POS Integration
  • Graphical and Resizable Soft-key Support
  • Flexible Operating Mode Template Selection
  • Clock In/Out Time Attendance Function
  • Itemized Tax Levels and Discounts
  • 99 Clerks with 10 Level User Groups
  • Up to 99 Categories (Departments)
  • Up to 9,999 pLUs with 10 Sell Units, 5 Price Levels
  • Optional and Forced Modifiers
  • Cash Out and Item Sale Reports
  • Open Export Interface for Back-office Accounting Software


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