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SCOTTIE GO! Products are a series of innovative and unique educational games, which introduce students to computational thinking and the fascinating world of programming. It combines physical and digital worlds to increase learning outcomes. Players use cardboard tiles to create commands and then execute them by scanning the code with dedicated free mobile application.

  • It helps students become experts in: algorithmic thinking and developing their 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

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There are 3 types:

1.Scottie Go! Education

Scottie Go! for education comprises an application, featuring 91 quests of increasing difficulty level, a game board and 179 cardboard tiles.

  • It involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, combining digits to create larger numbers, addition and subtraction to coding algorithms, parameters, loops, conditional expressions, variables and functions.
  • Comes with an educational license that grants teachers access to a broad range of teaching aids, including lesson scenarios and quest solutions. A free App, tiles and a game board included.

2.Scottie Go! Dojo – Quest Creator

Scottie Go! Dojo is designed to extend educational benefits of Scottie Go! Edu. In order to complete quests created in Scottie Go! Dojo, users need to have access to coding tiles from other Scottie Go! products.

  • It allows teachers and students to create their own original quests and share them using QR codes.
  • In addition, teachers have access to an online platform used to create and synchronise user profiles across devices
  • Create quizzes, organize coding competitions and develop dedicated curriculum with Scottie go! dojo.

With the free App, all you need are tiles to get moving.


Scotties goes on new, exciting adventures in outer space! This version is built around logical problems and puzzles.

  • It has its focus shifted to logical problem and puzzle solving, while introducing programming concepts – all that within a single app. Scottie Go! Adventures: Labyrinth contains 52 quests and logical tasks which will challenge even the most seasoned Scottie Go! player.

The License key in the box is valid for up to 2 devices. Tiles are included in the box with a free App as well.


Magnetic tiles:

Magnetic tiles help teachers illustrate the basics of algorithm coding and the concept of parameters. They allow pupils to analyse and discuss quests or their solutions. Tiles are compatible with the Scottie Go! Edu application and are an easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid. The 53 set tiles can be attached to a magnetic and/or interactive board.


Scottie Go! has rapidly expanded to over 50 Countries globally including the UK, US, Spain, France, Germany, UAE, Poland, South Korea, Italy, Kenya among many others. Contact us for availability and collaboration across SADC region.

Discover the world of coding Download the mobile app from Apple App Store and Google Play. Scottie Go! application for 2-in-1 devices and Windows PC is available at

Learn how to play Scottie Go as demonstrated below


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