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The Ultimate Drive-Thru Timing System. Summit Innovations drive-thru timers have pioneered the QSR industry, delivering unparalleled technical leadership, features, functionality and accuracy. The Summit Drive-Thru Timing System utilizes leading technologies to deliver a comprehensive drive-thru management and reporting system, delivering unparalleled performance, dynamic functions and mobile reporting.


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The Summit timer is a multi-sensory solution, engaging the crew and management
with the following features:

  1. Easy to understand colour coded screens
  2. Live real-time data and graphics
  3. Audible alerts when target times or KPIs are missed
  4. Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics
  5. Automated push alerts, notifications and reports


  • Increases financial gains by 46% – 60%.
  • Ideal solution for QSRs, Coffee Shops, Pharmacies, Florists, Retail Outlets to operate as ‘Dark Stores’ to maintain Social Distancing with limited human resource during times of a Pandemic or an Epidemic.

How SUMMIT Drive Thru Timing System Works?

  1. Car enters the Drive Thru and is detected by the Pre Alert Loop with an Audio Tone ringing in the Kitchen.
  2. CSS thresh-hold timing starts on Timer at Order Point.
  3. Car moves to Payment, while crew in kitchen prepares food.
  4. Proceeds to PickUp, collects the order and exits Drive Thru.
  5. Timer calculates CSS times and sends data to Panorama through Internet for Store Ranking.
  6. Store Rank is displayed on Ranking Screen for crew to assess KPIs comparing with other stores.


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