The packaging app for everyone! Simple registration and monitoring of every packaging transaction.

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The optimal solution!

With the brand name ??TellApe?? Tconsult has developed a sophisticated state-of-the-art solution. In close cooperation with Online Department for the user experience/design and Milvum for the technical details we developed the app.

The biggest challenge to register packaging correctly and have a good packaging administration is simplicity and alignment with both parties. To make this possible, an online portal and packaging app has been developed. By having a two-sided agreement and directly showing the packaging transactions in the online portal, the administration is foolproof.

TellApe is suitable for all companies: the small business who loses his pallets or big internationals who don’t want to see their flower cars disappear. TellApe works on a mobile phone/ tablet that runs on Android. TellApe is already available in seven languages.

Try TellApe for 30 days for free!


TellApe in 5?steps

  1. loading packaging in the truck and register directly your transport items in the app.
  2. Transport Drive from the loading to the unloading address to deliver the goods and packaging.
  3. Unloading Unload the order at the customer and registering the packaging transactions directly in the app.
  4. Two sided agreement after loading or unloading the packaging, you can immediately agree with both parties for the packaging transaction. You will never have a discussion afterwards!
  5. Processing the administration directly in the online portal the packaging administration and balances with your customers. See directly in one overview where your packaging is with one touch of the button!


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