Warehouse Management Solution – Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales for warehouse management


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Save valuable time. Integrate the scale into your process. Traditional floor and pit scales Immovable mechanical obstacles which hinder the process sequence. Floor pits can give rise to static problems. Hygiene problems because pits are inaccessible collection points for dirt and can only be cleaned at considerable expense. Scales are increasingly being integrated into production processes in order to make them more efficient. Applications requiring the weighing of large quantities and containers offer the greatest potential for savings as more costly handling is needed in such cases. Traditional floor scales are often a mechanical obstacle in the production process while flush installation in a floor pit hides a number of disadvantages. IF flat-bed scales from Sartorius offer a practical, time-saving solution.

IF flat-bed scales

  • Easy handling due to ergonomic design and sophisticated equipment.
  • Ideal for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, as they are designed with hygiene aspects in mind.
  • Suitable for operation with aggressive substances due to the use of resistant materials.
  • Very easy wet cleaning e.g. in wet production facilities in the food industry.
  • Freely moveable due to rollers and steering drawbar.
  • Low maintenance costs and long service life due to robust construction.
  • Customization on request.


How it works

  1. Weigh Pallet & RFID.
  2. Put beer crates on pallet.
  3. Empty Fork lift comes in over scale and get weighed.
  4. Goes back over scale Loaded and to get the weight for pallet, forklift plus beer.
  5. Input info into RFID .i.e. pallet, fork lift plus beer
  6. Take them to warehouse.
  7. When the fork lift want to put them onto truck, it gets weighed again
  8. And is compared with RFID info for any difference. IF OK load Truck.


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